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Let's Make Moving Easier!


How Dwellworks Can Help

RentAssist™ was designed to quickly help you find a place to live and get settled in your new location. A local area expert, the Dwellworks Destination Consultant, will provide guidance on finding the best rental property for you. Best of all, you’ll get the chance to customize your experience by deciding how  to spend your time with your Consultant. You can choose an Area Discovery Tour to get to know your surroundings, or you can extend your time working with the Consultant on rental sourcing. To keep organized, you’ll also have access to our online platform, myDwellworks™. On our platform, your Consultant will add properties for you to review, and you can share properties you find online with your Consultant. 

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Is RentAssist for Me?

Overwhelmed by rental options? Wondering which neighborhood is the best fit? What’s the real commute like? Where’s the closest dog park or bike trail? Lean on your Dwellworks Consultant to help make your new city home no matter where you are moving. 

What’s the Benefit? 

Having an on-the-ground Consultant, a local lifeline, to help you sort through options, provide guidance, and answer questions is amazingly valuable. You will have dedicated support and the option to choose how you spend your time.


How it Works

Moving shouldn't be a hassle. Let us take the pain out of the moving process!


Pick Your Rental Program!

Decide which option is right for you by learning more about our three levels of rental support: 

  • RentCoach
  • RentAssist
  • RentAssist™ Plus

Each option provides support from a local Consultant but offers differing amounts of time and assistance. 


Need a Little Extra?

Our Get Settled program might be right for you! Check out Get Settled to see if a little extra support would help. Get Settled is great for families, pet owners, and for international relocating employees who have unique questions and needs during the move. 




Check out our free moving tools

Answer a few easy questions to get started. The Moving Tools will help organize your move with a helpful checklist, let you change your address, and much more for free!

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What Customers Are Saying! 


"I was a bit unsure when I purchased the service because I had spent considerable time researching (from NY via online) if I was going to get added value in "finding" my new apartment or if it would be repeats of what I came across already…. After our first conversation the Dwellworks consultant assuaged any of those concerns. I would absolutely recommend her in the future for anyone who is flying blind to the area like me and loves high energy people."


Your Local Expert

When you purchase RentAssist™, you'll get access to your very own local Consultant, who will serve as your guide to your new city. Our team has extensive knowledge across the United States, helping to demystify your new neighborhood and make your move easier. They'll help with tasks like these and a lot more, too!

  • Home finding
  • Scheduling apartment visits
  • Area discovery
  • Recommending local services